Framför mina tår ligger världen

by Gustav Tegby Inspired by Cervantes Don Quijote

Photographer: Bertil Hertzberg

Framför mina tår ligger världen



Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg, 2013


Maja Salomonsson


Joakim Engstrand


Peder Nabo


Agneta A Forssell

A play based on the story of Don Quijote and philosophical questions from young teenagers, about a girl who makes an inner and outer journey to explore the ideá of creating her own reality. As in a roadmovie the actors move fast from scene to scene in an ever ongoing journey. I gave them a space that is the road they travel, an enlarged cartrack or a miniature motorway. It surrounds the audience and includes them in the action, they perform infront and around the audience. Every detail from the real world, such as their parents house, cars they meet, illustrated by remote controlled objects that travel around the car track. The reality they create is enhightened with oversized objects they bring on stage.

Lika viktig för pjäsen är den oerhört genomarbetade och detaljerade scenografin. Med enkla medel leker den med våran verklighetsuppfattning. En miniatyrvärld löper parallelt med våran, precis som överdimensionerade objekt visar på att Sanna och Sanchos fantasier är lika frestande och fantastiska som rastlösa
Henrik Svensson, Karlshamns Allehanda 2013
As important for the play is the thoroughly worked out and detailed set design. With little means it plays with our perceptions of reality. A miniature world leaps parallel to our own, just like oversized objects underlines that Sanna and Sanchos fantasies are as tempting and wonderful as restless
Lika mycket en hyllning till äventyrlig fantasi som en visuell fest.
Sölveborgstidningen 2013
As much an hommage to adventourous imagination as a visual fiest.