Decor – Photo installation

by Johanna Mårtensson



Photoinstallation, a series of six photographs, each print Width 60 Hight 48 cm. Total size: Width 375 Hight 48 cm.




Liljevalchs Vårsalong, 2010

1650 Gallery Los Angeles, 2011

Soho Photo Gallery, Fugitiveart, 2013.

In a model building I fantasized around the reality, that we consider ours and looked at it as a scenography to an fictional scenario. A scenario by nature occasional and perishable. What is behind it or what will happen when the decor moulds might not be a coming apocalypse but the creation of a new process.

I övrigt är det mest salongens leende verk som stannar kvar, när jag lämnar konsthallen. Johanna Mårtenssons fotografier som följer en stad av bröd från spirande välgång till möglande sönderfall erbjuder en lekfull civilisationskritik.
UNT 2010-02-04


Otherwise it is the smiling works of the exhibition that remains with me, when I leave the gallery. Johanna Mårtensson's photographs that follows a city made out of bread from burgeoning prosperity to moulding decomposition provides a playful critique of civilization.